CTNRD Merging with Infinity Network Solutions

Change is something that has never worried me. In fact it has grown to be an integral part of how we conduct business. Changing to adapt to a fast moving technology market, changing to adapt to a client's specific needs, or simply changing to improve who we are and how we offer services. However change just for the sake of change is something we never do. The change we make has to make sense, it has to be good for our team, and most of all it has to be good for our clients.

It is with this commitment to changing for the right reasons that I am pleased to announce that Computer Troubleshooters NRD is merging with Infinity Network Solutions. Two award winning managed service providers joining forces to form one company Infinity Network solutions.

To all our existing clients and to the local market that have supported us through the years I want to humbly say thank you. We could not have grown to the company we are today without you. It is to those people that I want to assure that this change is not for the sake of change but for the sake of something better. A better company with more depth of expertise, more smiling faces, and more of what we do great, supporting you our clients. My team and I will still be an integral part of your support and we will for a long time to come. We are all very excited about the opportunities ahead and we hope that you are too. We look forward to being your long term IT services provider for years to come.



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