Welcome to CTNRD

You run a business and you've got enough to do without your computers acting up and wasting hours of your valuable time.

However, most people can't afford a resident computer expert so they end up having to do the best they can with what they know themselves, risk a  unpredictable "computer guy", or call a large corporate service provider and wait forever for mediocre, overpriced service.

Now, one simple call to Computer Troubleshooters NRD will get you honest, professional and reliable help by someone who understands what you're going through and has a global network of experts behind them.

At Computer Troubleshooters, we specialize in Local Service, Global Strength and all the resources of a large corporate setup, with the small, family-run business feel. We are a business in your community so we have a stake in ensuring our work and our team are the best around.  Spend a few minutes to find out what makes us different and we will make you satisfied client for life.